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At Jubilee Park Academy, we are all dedicated and passionate about raising standards in writing.  We encourage all our children to 'Love, Learn, Live'.  The aim of the writing curriculum is for children to become highly literate, creative writers and articulate speakers. The teaching of writing at Jubilee Park Academy is delivered through ‘The Write Stuff,’ by Jane Considine. This approach allows children to develop oracy skills and widen their vocabulary choices, whilst deepening their understanding of an author’s voice.



At Jubilee Park Academy we aim to:

  • Deliver an engaging and exciting curriculum that helps develop a love of writing and inspires children to want to write.
  • Encourage children to be imaginative, and to bring this to their writing.
  • Provide children with essential skills in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and composition.
  • Support children to express their thoughts and ideas clearly and creatively through the written word.
  • Develop children into writers with an understanding of the writing process and purpose, including proof-reading and editing to enhance their work.
  • Create a culture where children love to write and take pride in their writing and becoming authors at work.
  • Foster a genuine love of writing across genres.
  • Ensure children have a secure understanding of Phonics and confidently apply this to reading and spelling, enabling clear and effective communication skills.




All children follow a sequence of learning based on a quality text and are encouraged to write daily. Our writing curriculum has been designed to ensure that children learn these competences through the range of written genres they study in EYFS, KS1 and KS2.


The children follow the process of writing, developing ‘author at work skills' needed, focusing on their specific needs and the demands of the curriculum, whilst also working towards an end writing piece. The children develop their oracy and writing skills using our writing rainbow and, through their independent learning, choose lenses within their writing to deepen the moment. The Writing Rainbow is used in each year group focusing on the ‘FANTASTICS’ (senses) in EYFS and then including ‘GRAMMARISTICS’ (grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure) and ‘BOOMTASTICS’ (poetic devices) in KS1 and KS2. The lenses support children in planning and generating ideas for writing. We also capture the love of writing and vocabulary through experience days that are used to stimulate ideas. At the end of each genre, progress is measured at this point and next steps are identified for the next sequence of learning.




We use the Letter-join handwriting scheme across school, and this is practised daily through handwriting lessons and in all aspects of our learning. We follow the handwriting progression map from EYFS to KS2 with a clear focus on pencil control, use of pencils/pens and writing sounds and words accurately. As children begin at Jubilee Park Academy, we develop fine and gross motor movements from an early age. In Nursery and Reception, we complete ‘dough disco’ each day to develop their fine motor skills, and pencil grips are tracked every half term. Through our handwriting scheme, EYFS and Year 1 children practise printed plus font and children from Year 2 to Year 6 practise cursive writing, with no lead font. Our children take pride in their handwriting and demonstrate confidence and resilience in every lesson.



Spelling and Grammar


At Jubilee Park Academy we follow the Twinkl Spelling programme ‘Planlt spelling.’ This is taught every day in KS1/ KS2 over a five-day cycle.


As well as Planlt spelling, we also immerse children in the vocabulary they will need in their foundation subjects; these are displayed in the classroom and in their books for reference. Children are given time to practise their spellings both at home and in school using our spelling scheme, Spellingframe. Vocabulary and spellings are modelled both written and orally for the children to develop their understanding and confidence.