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Application for a school place at Jubilee Park Academy:


This section provides information for admissions and in year transfers.


We welcome visits to our school so that parents can make an informed decision about whether we are the right school for their child.


Jubilee Park Academy are part of the Local Authority’s mid-year co-ordinated scheme. To find out how our mid-year applications are processed please refer to Sandwell School Admissions website - apply for a school place, where you will find all the details. 

In all cases, should the number of applicants exceed the number of places available, places will be allocated according to the school's admission criteria as outlined in the admission policy.


Our standard number is 30 in each class and we have a 32 place nursery setting (16 pupils AM and 16 pupils PM).


Pupils with EHCP plans:

Jubilee Park Academy will accept pupils with an EHCP providing the Academy feels that they can meet the needs of the individual pupil. All requests for school places must go through Sandwell Education – SEN department on telephone number (0121) 569 2777.



Application for Nursery places:

Nursery places are allocated by the school in line with the criteria that is set by Sandwell Local Authority. Application forms can be obtained directly from the Academy or can be downloaded from our website.


If your child has a place in a nursery class, this does not guarantee a place in the Reception class at the Academy.