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At Jubilee Park Academy, we aim to deliver a high-quality P.E curriculum, which develops competence in a broad range of physical activities which will equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and motivation to live a healthy and active life. The P.E curriculum is carefully planned and structured around the following substantive concepts : Health and wellbeing, Movement, Partnership, Invasion, Competition and Achievement, so that a coherent curriculum is delivered, ensuring children make links with prior learning. 


Our curriculum aims to enable pupils to show commitment to PE and Sport in and out of school, understanding that PE and Sports are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle. We aim for pupils to gain the confidence to become involved in PE and Sports, developing the skills and control that they need to participate and to willingly take part in a broad range of competitive, creative and challenging activities, both as an individual and teams.  We support pupils to develop the desire to improve and achieve in relation to their own abilities, develop strength, stamina and suppleness and to enjoy PE and Sport.