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Pupil Power

At Jubilee Park Academy we respect and value the fundamental British values of democracy and ensure the views and opinions of our pupils are expressed.


At the beginning of each academic year all pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 are invited to stand as School Council representatives through a democratic vote by their peers.  Elected peers then form our School Council, who in turn vote for their Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.


The School Council meets every 6 weeks to discuss issues raised by the children and ideas they have thought of to help improve our school further.  They will liaise directly with senior members of our leadership team, including our Advocates.


Here at Jubilee Park Academy we endeavour to promote the value of individual’s views and opinions together with promoting independence in listening to the ‘voice’ of all our pupils.

Peer Mediators


We currently have 20 trained Peer Mediators from Years 5 and 6 who are able to support others with conflict resolution. The training means that they can be available during break time and lunchtimes to help other children to resolve their disagreements, especially in challenging situations. The mediators only help children if they want them to and they ensure that they are always fair and supportive.