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At Jubilee Park Academy, we place great emphasis on the significance of science in our daily lives. It is regarded as a core subject and is given the attention it deserves.

Our science curriculum aims to enhance students' knowledge and comprehension of the world in accordance with the Programme of Study. Additionally, it aims to cultivate essential skills related to the scientific inquiry process. This approach nurtures a child's innate curiosity, fosters respect for all living organisms and the environment, instills an understanding of Sustainable Development Goals, and provides opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence.


At Jubilee Park Academy, our teaching methodology and curriculum provide students with opportunities to:

  • Acquire in-depth scientific knowledge in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, enabling them to learn more and retain information effectively.


  • Foster a conceptual understanding of science that facilitates connections across various year levels and subjects within the curriculum.


  • Grasp natural processes and scientific methods through diverse types of scientific inquiries, enabling them to address pertinent questions about the world around them.


  • Attain the necessary scientific knowledge to comprehend the uses and implications of science, both in the present and for the future.


  • Develop vital skills for scientific inquiry, further enriching their scientific knowledge and building on fundamental conceptual understandings such as identifying patterns, conducting research, measuring, conducting fair tests, and drawing connections to the real world.

  • Employ a range of techniques to convey their scientific findings, presenting them in a structured, scientific manner. This may involve the use of information technology, diagrams, graphs, and charts.


  • Cultivate a sense of responsibility for handling materials and equipment with consideration for their safety and that of others.


  • Cultivate an enthusiasm for and enjoyment of scientific learning and discovery.