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Jubilee Park Academy and Nursery


Welcome to Jubilee Park Academy, where our ambitious Art curriculum is designed to kindle a vibrant passion for creativity and imagination within all our pupils. We provide the children with rich learning experiences to promote the boundless power of creativity. We prepare every child to emerge into the ever-changing world as illustrators, graphic designers, and imaginative artists.


We encourage children to explore the thrilling journey of past and present art; discovering how art shapes and reshapes our world. Children explore diverse mediums used throughout history, gaining knowledge of the evolution of artistic expression. Drawing inspiration from carefully selected, high-quality artists and artworks, pupils use these influences to fuel their own creative endeavours. Our curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of artists, both contemporary and classical, including those with significant disabilities, demonstrating to our students that creativity knows no boundaries.


Children at Jubilee Park explore and refine a range of artistic skills including drawing, painting, sculpting and collaging and these skills are revisited throughout the child’s journey in school. In addition to acquiring skills, we use a wide range of vocabulary linked to various skills, artistic styles and creativity. We hold the belief that every child is an artist, fostering an environment where they are motivated to pursue their passion for art and cultivate it into a chosen career path.