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All children are respected and valued at Jubilee Park Academy whatever their additional educational needs are.  We aim to support their learning to ensure they are fully included in all school activities, provide quality first teaching and make full use of externally provided facilities where necessary.  


The Local Authority Inclusion team and SEN department help the school to support families of disabled children and children with SEND.


All Local Authorities are required to publish information on ‘the Local Offer’ about all SEND services, along with details of any eligibility for specialist services and a signpost to support for those who do not meet thresholds.

Listed below is a brief overview of the various additional programmes we deliver to support all learners, where appropriate.  If you wish to discuss your child’s support programmes please do not hesitate to get in touch with our SENDCo.


Speech and Language

This is for children who have been referred for SLT (Speech and Language Therapy). Once referred, children will be assessed by SLT, depending on the child’s needs interventions will be put in place to support children.


We provide individualised programmes to support children to work on their individual targets through our Learning Support staff, who are guided by a Speech Therapist (assigned to Jubilee Park Academy) these programmes can include speech sound production, language development and social skills.



EAL - English as an Additional Language

This is for children who have a first language other than English and may need further intervention with their English language understanding in order to aid their academic development. The Local Authority support us by providing Specialist Teachers for Minority Ethnic and Bilingual Achievement which follow the National Curriculum programmes.


Specific English and Maths Support

We have small group intervention programmes that focuses on phonics, numeracy, spelling, handwriting and further speech and language development. These multi-sensory sessions are led by learning support staff and are based on specially written teaching material sourced from a range of resources.


Lego Therapy

This is a social development program for children with social communication difficulties (including ASD- Autism Spectrum Disorder). It uses Lego to encourage discussion and support engagement which helps children to develop their communication and social skills.



These sessions are delivered to identified pupils and are designed to help young people in understanding their feelings and teaches them the vocabulary to express themselves. They are also supported with anger management skills- this is provided to help young people understand why they are angry and how to deal with it in a positive way.


Nurture and SEMH Support

This intervention is accessible to all pupils who may be experiencing difficulty with their social, emotional and mental health which may impact on their school life.


Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are vital to the development of many competencies in young children.  Activities are divided into sections focusing on warming up, hand and finger strength, manipulation and eye-hand co-ordination, which are utilised from Dough Disco activities.


Please click on the link below to access the school Additional Needs Report: