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Design and Technology

The Design and Technology (DT) curriculum at Jubilee Park Academy is designed to offer students a practical and real-life context for learning. The overarching goal is to inspire children to aspire to design, create, and evaluate products, instilling in them a sense of global citizenship. The curriculum draws inspiration from the legacies of world-class engineers, designers, chefs, and architects.


The DT curriculum is carefully structured to revisit key knowledge and skills regularly, allowing for cumulative learning. The curriculum is accessible to all learners, offering a range of units that expose children to problem-solving in diverse contexts—local, national, and global. The teaching of DT adheres to the design, make, and evaluate cycle, with each stage rooted in technical knowledge and vocabulary. DT lessons are hands-on and practical, employing deconstruction and exploration to enhance understanding of mechanisms, structures, food, textiles, and electronics. During the making process, students are empowered with choices over materials and tools, fostering a sense of ownership. The evaluation stage involves students comparing their creations against pre-established design criteria, and the curriculum maintains high expectations, giving equal emphasis to each stage of the design, make, and evaluate cycle.


We prepare all children to engage in the rapidly changing world. The focus on creative problem-solving, both individually and collaboratively, equips students with valuable skills. Overall, the curriculum aims to nurture students who are not only proficient in design and technology but also capable of contributing to the future's dynamic landscape.