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Our curriculum is driven by six fundamental elements of learning, each embodying key attributes and skills: knowledge, equality, innovation, legacy, partnership, and sustainability. Within the context of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, children will discover how technology can serve as a positive force for a more uncertain future. They'll learn that computing when applied with problem-solving and creativity, can navigate us through the complexities of the modern world. Throughout their lessons we expose them to job opportunities related to computing, fostering high aspirations and a clear purpose for their learning.


The Computing National Curriculum emphasises the need for schools to deliver a high-quality computing education that empowers children with computational thinking and creativity to comprehend and shape the world. This philosophy is at the core of Jubilee Park Academy’s approach. The Jubilee Park Academy Computing Curriculum is designed to captivate children's interest in technology, aiding their understanding of the world around them. In our rapidly evolving world, it is imperative that we equip children with the skills to explore their environment and comprehend how things function. By cultivating a logical understanding of our lives, children will be prepared for the technological advancements that will define our future, enabling them to make informed decisions that contribute to practical and fulfilling lives.


Throughout their time at Jubilee Park Academy, children will establish the groundwork for the abstract concepts that underpin our modern world. They will apply technology to elucidate and assess these concepts, learning to utilise technology safely and explore the implications of life in the digital realm. The computing curriculum is meticulously planned and structured around substantive concepts, ensuring a coherent curriculum that allows children to connect their current learning to their previous years of education.


Our curriculum is ambitious, motivating children, elevating their aspirations, and broadening their horizons. It is designed to inspire a deep understanding of technology's role in our world and instill the skills and knowledge required to navigate an ever-changing future.