Welcome to our school

Welcome to our website. We are sure that you will enjoy your visit and that you will be impressed by what our school has to offer!

Jubilee Park Academy is a lively, exciting place of learning and has a growing reputation within the local and educational community. At Jubilee Park we work hard to raise our children's aspirations and also value the individual achievements of each child. (Click here to read some important policies)

All of our staff are dedicated and are passionate about raising standards and improving the life chances of our children. We encourage all of our children to 'Reach for the Stars!'

The school has a broad and balanced curriculum that is further enhanced by a range of trips and events and exciting extra-curricular activities such as a Football, Art, Street Dance, Cricket and IT Clubs and other 'less strenuous' pursuits such as Gardening Club and Breakfast Club (we review and provide new clubs each term). We also have a high quality childcare provision with lots of fun activities for pupils; The Extra Time Club, which runs daily between 3:30pm and 6.00pm (at Summerhill Primary). At Jubilee Park we also have special focus events throughout the year when the children, staff and visiting specialists work on exciting art, technology, cultural, language and science projects.

At Jubilee Park, we believe that good attendance improves the life chances of children and enables them to reach their full potential. The school's and current Government target, specify that attendance should be around 95% for the academic year and does allow for genuine illnesses. We are proactive in asking all parents to support us in providing medical evidence for all absences if their child's attendance is 93% or below. (Click here to read guidance notes about unavoidable school closures.)

We also value networking and making links with other institutions, services and groups. We are involved in a number of partnerships with other schools, local community and voluntary organisations - where we work closely to raise standards, enhance teaching and learning and procure other services and goods.

The school underwent a successful Ofsted Inspection in June 2015 in which it was judged as providing a good education for the pupils. Full copies of this report are available on request from the front office, or through OFSTED at www.ofsted.gov.uk.

* The school have also been involved in a number of DfE Reports for outstanding attendance practices and achievement in relation to those pupils eligible for free school meals. In addition, a good practice case study was carried out in relation to 'Getting to Good' (Sept 12).

All visitors are welcome to our school. We operate an open door policy and we are more than willing to meet you and give you a guided tour of our superb school and introduce you to our pupils and staff!

You can contact us by post, phone or email.


Mrs H. Kumar

Head of School