School Closures

Guidance for parents/carers and staff in the case of bad weather:

It is our policy to remain open unless we are forced to close because there is a risk to the health and safety of staff and pupils. The Head Teacher is responsible for making the decision to close the school due to inclement weather conditions in the immediate locality.
The Director of Schools will be responsible for making the decision to close all schools during periods of inclement weather conditions throughout the Borough.

The decision will be taken on the basis of one or more of the following criteria:

(a) Prolonged and excessively high temperatures (e.g. 35 Degrees Centigrade)

(b) Prolonged and excessive low temperatures (e.g. Minus 15 Degrees Centigrade)

(c) Prolonged and excessive high winds that render travel dangerous (e.g. 60 miles per hour)

(d) Prolonged and excessive snow fall resulting in public transport being cancelled and travel to school not being possible or safe

(e) Excessive and prolonged rainfall/flooding resulting in public transport being cancelled and travel to school not being possible or safe

How parents will be notified that the school will be closed:

Closure before the school day: If the school is to be closed, there will be an announcement on the following radio stations to state this.


Such an event is highly unlikely and will be avoided where possible. There is no need for parents to contact the school to check whether or not the school is open. Unless announced on the radio station above, the school will be open.

While we understand parental concerns, it would be helpful if parents/carers were aware of the difficulty for an office potentially responding to literally hundreds of calls. Parents should not telephone the school at these times unless there is an emergency.

If the school is forced to close overnight for any other reason, a notice will be also displayed outside the school at the entrances.

Closure during the school day:

Should the weather turn worse during a school day, pupils will only be sent home if there are satisfactory arrangements for them returning safely.

No child will be sent home to an empty house, not even children whom normally walk home on their own. Should any parent/carer wish to make any alternative arrangements for their child they should put these in writing to the Head Teacher.

Parents will be contacted by telephone or text message should this situation occur. Please ensure that the school has the most up to date emergency contact numbers, if you have not already done so.