Parent Support Advisor

Mrs C Green (PSA) is available, through direct contact via our school office plus is regularly available on the playgrounds at peak drop off and collection times. She remains on hand to discuss any adult learning opportunities, services you may require and general advice!

Her work involves providing a number of learning opportunities and events for our parents and the wider local community. Courses and events we run are held on site and at partner locations in the Tipton area. She works closely with a number of services to manage local learning opportunities, community events and maximise the facilities available to you in the area. Most activities are offered free of charge and crèche facilities will be provided (according to the number of adults involved and the need)

At present there are a number of parent workshops, parent pop-ins and courses running in our school with more planned!!! Why not try them out???

Cheryl will be happy to provide you with further information. Call her now on 0121 522 2598.

For further details please look at our Family Portal.