Health and Welfare - Absences from School
Even the healthiest of us fall ill occasionally, and when this happens it is often best that the child should stay at home. We do ask, however, that when the child returns to school, a note is sent explaining the reason for absence. If your child is absent, parents are requested to telephone or write to the school so that we are aware why the child is away from school.


Absence for reasons other than illness cannot be authorised. However, holiday forms to request leave of absence are available from the school office where we require all parents requesting holidays to attend a school meeting. Please note: we only authorise holidays in term time according to 'exceptional circumstances.' As much notice as possible in writing (at least 2 weeks before the holiday request) should be given for such a request. The school discourages taking time off as holidays in term time as it can have an extremely detrimental effect on your child's education, their absence record and the absence record of the school.
For your information - the average attendance nationally for school children of a primary age is approx 95%+. It is expected that you will do your utmost to at least match this figure if not exceed it - as a school our annual attendance target for all pupils is 97%+! Every year for the last three years, we have closed attendance figures for the school ABOVE THIS FIGURE!

We pride ourselves on striving for a high level of pupil attendance and this emphasis needs constant reinforcement and support from parents. We are grateful for the co-operation of parents who are asked to adopt the following procedures:

Please telephone the school on the first day of absence (giving details of the reason for absence and likelihood of the day your child will return to school) or complete an absence slip giving the reason for absence. A subsequent phonecall should be made if the absence continues beyond 2 days and it is important you keep the school informed throughout. If a telephone or face to face contact cannot be made with you, please ensure you send a note with your child when they return.

If a pupil is receiving treatment from a doctor, a dentist or hospital appointment and needs time out of school, please let the office know the previous day. Every effort should be made to make these appointments outside of the school day where possible! We will require an appointment card or letter for authorisation.

Please do not keep your child from school:

To go shopping
To visit relatives
Because the weather is bad
Because you got up late
Because they have headlice
Because they have a medical appointment in the morning and you think its not worth coming back for the afternoon or they have a medical appointment in the afternoon and you don't think its worth bringing them in the morning.
You should only keep your child off school if they are genuinely too ill to attend. We must establish the reason for your child's absence before we can authorise it. If we can't establish a valid reason with you, or your child's attendance is below what we deem an acceptable level, then we will leave the absence as unauthoried. The school does work in conjunction with the Attendance and Prosecutions Officer to actively monitor the attendance of your child and you will be notified immediately if we have any concerns with the attendance of your child. We may request a meeting, in the presence of the Officer, to discuss a plan of action to address poor attendance. It must be noted that poor attendance of your child is subject to prosecution.

Remember your child cannot learn if they are not at school!!!!!

Good attendance is rewarded weekly, half-termly, termly and annually both on an individual and class basis. Remember if your child is

'Missing School... they are Missing Out!'