KS1 Phonics / Reading

At Jubilee Park, staff have high expectations of all pupils and work hard to help every pupil reach his/her potential.

Reading is an integral part of our curriculum at Jubilee Park. We ensure that pupils have the opportunity to practise their reading skills in a variety of subjects; encouraging pupils to read a range of genres. Through phonics sessions, guided reading sessions and comprehension lessons, we ensure that pupils develop their reading skills daily. 

In EYFS and KS1, pupils take part in a 60 minute RML session (Monday - Thursday). RML sessions include the teaching of phonics skills and the application of these skills through reading and writing. Pupils are grouped by ability for these lessons. 

In KS2, pupils take part in daily English sessions, focusing on comprehension, analysis of texts and developing reading and writing skills. These skills are further supported through guided reading sessions; where adults lead small groups to further accelerate pupils' progress in reading.